Food with a focus on flame, flavor and finesse where every item is crafted over open fire in a kitchen where there is nowhere to hide. Our goal is to embrace the lost love of simplicity, while satiating the guest with classic dishes that focus on fresh, farmed and vibrant ingredients. Cast iron, wood and black clay make up all the serving dishes to further emulate the natural appeal and inherent passion dedicated to every nuance. 

Libations that recall a simpler era where the sip replaced the slurp, the cocktail program is dedicated to American spirits paired perfectly with European liqueurs. A "scratch" bar, where bitters, infusions, syrups and sodas are all made in house lend to our classically crafted atmosphere. 

A design reminiscent of an American apothecary in the golden age, the visual focus follows the theme of weathered wood, open flame, broken brick and the welcoming beauty of at home comfort laced with a chemists clean. An expansive bar looks in on the kitchen where tender and cook muddle the line between the two professions; the bar gives way to all booth seating nestled beneath a rustic lowered ceiling to create a intimate living room feel. Surrounding the perimeter two patios leave the option for classic California dining under the warm desert nights.