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Lead Staff

Marín Von Blöm

Noah Von Blöm
Owner / Executive Chef

James Bishop
General Manager


taming flame since 2013

Food with a focus on flame, flavor and finesse where every item is served in black iron and cooked over live wood fires. Our kitchen and bar meld as one, creating a sultry and sophisticated atmosphere.  ARC encourages the art of sharing, with family style dishes like roasted meatballs and decadent chicken casserole. For adventurous diners, the Chefs create inventive classics, such as long roasted pork cheeks, fire braised quail, and smoked duck. We embrace the lost love of simplicity by crafting everything from scratch and a passion for fresh and vibrant ingredients. 

Libations that recall a simpler era where the sip replaced the slurp, ARC is dedicated to American spirits paired perfectly with European liqueurs. A “scratch” bar, where bitters, infusions, syrups and sodas are all made in house lend to our classically crafted atmosphere.